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  •  anouar rahmani
    March 29 2017

    Algeria | Anouar Rahmani investigated for his novel 'Jibril’s Hallucination'

    Anouar Rahmani, law student and author of two novels, Jibril's Hallucination and The City of White Shadows, is being investigated by Algerian autho...

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  • Mwana cotide tanzania 590x300
    March 29 2017

    Tanzania | Mwana Cotide and Mussa Sekabwe Trial Adjourned Five Times

    Mwana Cotide and Mussa Sekabwe were arrested in September 2016 following the release of the song Dikteta Uchwara (translation: Petty Dictator). The...

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  • February 23 2017

    Sauti za Busara 2017

    Censorship or Classification | A dialogue between the authorities and artists "To be free is to be able to speak with one's heart," explains Nel...

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  • February 19 2016

    FREEMUSE Art under Threat in 2016 Report

    119% increase in repression against freedom of artistic expression A total of 1028 attacks against artists and their rights were recorded during...

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  • February 07 2017

    Cultural and Human Rights Organizations Denounce Trump’s Executive Order

    Over 40 cultural institutions and human rights organizations around the world, including international arts, curators’ and critics’ associations, o...

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  • Culture de la paix bilaka junior
    January 17 2017

    Exposing Troubled Presents, Supporting Creative Futures | By Efemia Chela

    A Review of How Free is Free? Reflections on Freedom of Creative Expression in Africa How Free is Free? Reflections on Freedom of Creative Expre...

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