Yharimanana Tojo

Secretary General

Mrs. Tojo Yharimanana is an expert in the social sciences, economics and skills development. In addition, her expertise in matters of employment, work, culture and local development will surely make it easier for her to advance the creative sector with support from the network.

Mrs. Tojo Yharimanana previously served as Partnerships Coordinator for a Malagasy company (EAM), in addition to her consultancy activities nationally and internationally. She holds an Post-graduate degree in Sociology from the University of Antananarivo, Madagascar.

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Assanvo Terrence

Finance and Administration Manager

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Gakpa Marlyse

Communications Officer

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Diana is the former Secretary General of the Institut Français of Rwanda. She holds a degree in Communications and Journalism from her home country, Madagascar, a Masters in Management, Culture and Media from Senghor University (Egypt) and a Masters in International Relations, Policy and Strategy of International Public Actions from Jean Moulin University (France). She started out working as a journalist with "Midi Madagasikara" and "The service Mag" and has also managed different artistic productions through her association “TwAnora" in Madagascar. She has worked with festivals in Madagascar, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. 

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Daves Guzha


Daves Guzha is a prominent Zimbabwean with a long and distinguished career within the arts and culture sector on both stage and screen. His wide range of expertise and abilities derive from the 30 years he has spent working on both sides as actor, director, producer, administrator and social justice activist. Due to his unique African-centered system that also incorporates elements of activism, civic education and dialogue, Guzha endures censorship, arrest and intimidation from the nationalist regime due to his anti-establishment reputation as an actor, and social activist.

Daves sits on a  number of boards and advisory councils chief among them being:- Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ), Zimbabwe International Film and Festival Trust, PACT, African Fathers Initiative. Guzha was instrumental in setting up Artists Trust of Southern Africa (ARTSA) a SADC initiative designed to foster cooperation and growth of the arts and culture sector.

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Cultural project manager, Ghita Khaldi, is the founder and current chairperson of the Moroccan association Afrikayna, that promotes intercultural exchange, development and cooperation in Africa. Through the same association, she initiated the launch of the first Moroccan mobility fund for artists in Africa, called Africa Art Lines. Ghita is also in charge of the overall coordination and production of Festival L'boulevard in Casablanca and Festival Jidar- toiles de rue in Rabat on behalf of EAC L'boulvart.

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Sonhaye Jean-Luc


Graduated from Senghor University in Alexandria, Jean-Luc Gbati SONHAYE (lawyer and cultural engineer) built a solid experience in entrepreneurship. He leads several cultural enterprises and serves in several local and international associative networks including the International Federation of Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (FICDC) and MAAYA the International Network of Entrepreneurs.

In 2012, Jean-Luc launched ADEC Consulting firm, a cultural engineering agency, and in 2014 the cultural and creative enterprises incubator PAPRICAI (Platform for Projects Support and Initiatives for the Creation of Innovative Activities), the first incubator dedicated to digital, cultural and creative industries in Togo. He is the initiator and director of the Fire Dance Festival (FEST'BOL) in Togo.

Specialized in Project Management and Fundraising, Jean-Luc is a consultant on several international cultural projects. He is also a Professor and Researcher at the Regional Institute of Higher Education and Research in Cultural Development (IRES-RDEC) / former CRAC and Trainer.

His research field is "Culture Financing in Africa". Over the last years, Jean-Luc Gbati SONHAYE has been working on the contribution of culture in social development and promotion, particularly in human rights, democracy, governance, peace and national reconciliation.

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Martin Kennedy is currently a freelance consultant based in the Seychelles and specialising in art and education. An artist and writer, Martin's most recent publication is 'Art in Seychelles, then and now'.

He was national curator for the Seychelles pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale. He also compiled the catalogue for the Seychelles Biennale held at the end of the same year. Martin oversaw the writing of the Seychelles national curriculum for the arts and served on the University of Seychelles governing Council for 8 years, three of them as Chair. Prior to this he was a member of the Seychelles University Foundation which established the national university.

Prior to relocating to the Seychelles in 1997, Martin Kennedy was an arts educator in London, teaching, lecturing and training. He served as elected Chair of the London Art and Design Association (LAADE) for 4 years. 

During his career in education in Seychelles and the UK he has held several senior management and Principal posts yet always maintained a robust teaching timetable, mainly in art and literature.

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Faye Ousmane


Ousmane FAYE is an Artistic Director / TV Postproduction Director (INA Paris 2015 Expert Training). He is also a Production Manager (Management training in cultural professions at the LFI Institute in France) with more than 20 years of experience and a thorough knowledge of production's professional and institutional environment.

Ousmane Faye is a representative for many International Production Labels and International Festivals; He is the manager of Senegalese artist Oumar PENE and the President of the Association of Senegal's Artistic Broadcasters and Festivals / Arterial Network. Acknowledged by his peers, Ousmane develops an entire production industry , called La Factory in Dakar suburbs , where the entire value chain is integrated and supported by technology and a team of young professionals trained and skilled.

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Ba Hawa


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Ateba Ossende Fernand Ghislain


Enseignant/Chercheur et Président d'Arterial Network Cameroun. Diplomé en histoire de l'art, patrimoine et en Muséologie, gestion des industries et sciences des relations internationales. 

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Muzi Simon Ntshangase


Muzi Simon Ntshangase is the Chairperson of Arterial network Swaziland. Muzi is a Reggae artist in Swaziland AKA Rasmoolah and is a member of the Swaziland Arts and Music Association Executive member (SWAMA). He has been in the music industry for 30 years full time, recorded 3 reggae albums and is also a presenter of a reggae show on Channel Swazi. He is a multi-talented instrumentalist in music. Currently training inmates in all correctional services in Swaziland and training instrument playing; drums, keyboards, guitars to the youth in Swaziland mostly in churches and care points.

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Manasse Nguinambaye


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