In the context of the conditions on the African continent, our vision and our understanding of development and the cultural dimension of development, our aims are as follows:

1. To build and/or further develop effective, sustainable national, regional and continental networks within and across arts disciplines to play advocacy and lobbying roles within countries, regions, on the continent and internationally as appropriate, and in support of the African creative sector;


2. To collect and distribute relevant information, data and documents to empower civil society arts and culture organisations in African countries and regions to plan and take informed action in their interests;

 3. To provoke debate, discussions and theorising around arts, culture, creative industries and contemporary arts and culture discourses and to develop African positions and leadership on such issues;

 4. To help to build national, regional, continental and international circuits (festivals, outlets, etc) to distribute African cultural goods and services and enable African artists to tour their works and to generate income through their creative output;

5. To facilitate the training and development of human resources required to practice, distribute and market the arts and creative goods and services of the African continent;

6. To mobilise local, regional, continental and international resources in support of the development, promotion and distribution of African creative goods and services;

7. To improve the working and living conditions, and defend the rights of artists and creative practitioners on the African continent;