Research and Knowledge Management

Arterial Network aims to provoke debate, discussions and theorising around arts, culture, creative industries and contemporary arts and culture discourses and to develop African positions and leadership on such issues. To this end, developing a knowledge base around arts and culture and its practise in Africa is important. Further, information garnered from research allows better planned interventions and advocacy for the development of the sector.

Knowledge Management

Arterial Network is working towards becoming a hub for research and development work about the African arts and culture sector. We encourage actors in this space to contact us should they want to disseminate research findings or are in need of materials (that do not have restrictions pertaining to intellectual property).

African Arts and Culture Index

The African Arts and Culture Index (AACI) aims to measure and monitor the development of the arts, culture and heritage, and any progress or regression in these areas in countries across Africa. Ultimately, the aim is to develop a lobbying and advocacy tool to aid artists and cultural network in their lobbying strategies at national, regional and international levels. Development of the AACI is in progress.

Arterial Network is also available to provide consulting services for qualitative research in the arts and culture sector.