Arterial Network aims to support and develop effective networks within and across arts disciplines to play advocacy and lobbying roles within countries, regions, on the continent and internationally as appropriate and to support and defend the rights of artists and creative practitioners on the African continent.

Artists Rights and Freedom of Creative Expression

Artwatch Africa monitors, promotes and defends freedom of creative expression on the African continent. Through human rights training and public seminars at the grass roots level and documentation, monitoring and information dissemination at national, regional and continental levels, Artwatch Africa aims to empower local civil society actors within the arts, cultural, human rights and related sectors to defend the rights of artists and contribute to democracy building within Africa.  

Policy and Institutional Framework for Culture

In order for the cultural sector to grow, legislation and public policies are vital to guarantee and promote effective and efficient management. The mandate of Artwatch Africa includes facilitating lobbying and advocacy actions to make the case for the development and implementation of legislation in support of a conducive environment for democratic arts practise.

For more information, please see the Artwatch Africa page.