How does one become a member of Arterial Network

Full membership is open to any African artist or cultural NGO or enterprise based in Africa that subscribes to Arterial Network’s aims and agrees to abide by its principles. Membership applications may be completed online at There is no membership fee. Associate membership is available to partners and to Africans living abroad.

Membership Benefits

Members may stand for election and vote in all matters pertaining to the Network, receive regular newsletters and preferential news alerts about benefits, project tenders, partnerships and opportunities, participate in Arterial events and training courses at no expense or at reduced costs, receive priority when allocating project tenders and other income-generating opportunities, benefit from touring, funding and other opportunities created for members, and have access to the Network’s extensive database, its website and newsletter to distribute information and marketing material.


There are three types of membership offered by the Arterial Network.


1. Full Membership

All organisations, creative industry companies, educational institutions, festivals, research agencies, city, provincial, national, regional and continental membership-based organisations-within or across disciplines, venues such as theatres, galleries, arts centres and museums (publicly and privately funded), individuals and other entities actively engaged in the arts and in the deisgn and creative industries on the African continent as practitioners, producers, distributors, consultants, teachers, administrators, managers etc.


2. Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to:

    * Organisations, companies, festivals, educational institutions, research agencies, individuals and other entities working actively in the arts and in the design and creative industries in the African Diaspora.
    * Funding partners of Arterial Network.
    * International partners- based in Africa or abroad-working in whichever way to support the vision and work of Arterial Network.
    * Public funding agencies that operate at arm's length to government such as National Arts Councils.

3. Honorary Membership

High profile individuals and other entities in Africa, in the African Diaspora or internationally, who support Arterial Network and/or whom Arterial Network seeks to be associated with.


As a civil society network, governments and government departments may not be full, associate or honorary members of Arterial Network but may attend Arterial Network events and may benefit from training and other events provided by Arterial Network.

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