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  • 14708192 10209097211140116 5877714835797398141 n
    November 06 2016

    Arterial Network Zimbabwe | Meeting with Parliament, October 2016

    Following the General Council that took place in Harare, and under the banner of the Artwatch Africa project, an Arterial Network delegation met wi...

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  • Img 7660
    November 02 2016

    Artwatch Africa Award | Moving Tribute to Chenjerai Hove by Writer’s Daughter

    "It would be inappropriate to say that my father is dead because he continues to live in each of us, especially in us, his children." - Tafadzwa Ra...

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  • 20161104 075554 edited
    November 02 2016

    General Council 2016 | A Decisive Turn for a New Arterial Network

    #ANGC2016 #weareArterial #noussommesArterial Revitalisation, emulation, cooperation and solidarity are the overarching themes that are set to de...

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  • Download
    October 26 2016

    Cultural Leadership: Diversity makes the impossible possible by asking new questions

    Article by Marie Sachet, 25 October 2016 The 7th edition of the World Summit of Arts and Culture was held in Malta from the 18th to the 21st of ...

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  • Content chenjerai hove
    October 26 2016

    Artwatch Africa Lifetime Achievement Award for Chenjerai Hove

    On Saturday the 29th of October 2016, Arterial Network will honour the late Chenjerai Hove (author and poet) with an Artwatch Africa Lifetime Achie...

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  • An old picture of the building
    October 24 2016

    Ilọjọ Bar Demolition | ‘A dirty taint on the history of Lagos’

    On Sunday the 11th of September 2016, Ilọjọ Bar (Casa do Fernandez) in Lagos was senselessly demolished without warning. The 161 year old building,...

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  • 14731100 10154742984944497 5210840885436294854 n
    October 23 2016

    Arterial Network at the 53rd NGO Forum in Banjul, The Gambia

    "The law is the weapon of resistance," said Mabassa Fall, member of the administrative board of the ACHRS to open the 53rd NGO Forum of the African...

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  • Mwana cotide tanzania 590x300
    October 22 2016

    Tanzania | Two artists arrested for insulting president

    “Tanzanian musician Mwana Cotide (real name: Fulgency Mapunda) and music producer Mussa Sekabwe were arrested for allegedly producing, singing and ...

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  • Content aisha deme by antoine tempe
    October 15 2016

    ARTERIAL NETWORK INTERVIEW OCTOBER 2016 | Aisha Dème, Senegalese Cultural Activist

    In September 2014, Arterial Network, through its Artwatch Africa project, launched a call for contributions from writers, journalists and researche...

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