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    February 27 2017

    Festival sur le Niger 2017 | A Barometer for Cultural Dynamism

    According to Mrs N’diaye Ramatoulaye Diallo, the Malian Minister of Craft and Tourism, “the Festival sur le Niger is a great barometer for the cult...

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  • Aadel
    February 25 2017

    Interview February 2017 | Aadel Essaadani

    “What brings us together should be universal. Respect for human rights, freedom of creation and expression... from and for all. Unity will come fro...

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    February 23 2017

    Sauti za Busara 2017

    Censorship or Classification | A dialogue between the authorities and artists "To be free is to be able to speak with one's heart," explains Nel...

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  • Visite cerdotola1
    February 22 2017

    Arterial Network Cameroon | Not Quite There Yet

    Despite being one of the first to emerge in the history of the network, the Arterial Network Cameroon chapter still lags behind. Télésphore Mba ...

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  • Dsc 9000
    February 21 2017

    Introducing Arterial Network Chad | Good Days Ahead

    Since January 2017, RECAF has been officially affiliated with Arterial Network and now represents the network in Chad. The Réseau Culturel et Ar...

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  • Img 7319 2
    February 20 2017

    Interview February 2017 | Korkor Amarteifio

    Korkor Amarteifio (Ghana) has dedicated her energy and passion to bringing the African creative industry into the 21st Century. Far from creating “...

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  • An ug vote counting 2016.12
    February 21 2017

    Arterial Network Uganda | Weaving a Tapestry of Ideas for a Sustainable Sector

    Introducing the Creative Sector in Uganda The cultural and creative industry in Uganda has experienced an unprecedented resurgence during the pa...

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    February 19 2016

    FREEMUSE Art under Threat in 2016 Report

    119% increase in repression against freedom of artistic expression A total of 1028 attacks against artists and their rights were recorded during...

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  • Creative cities preparative workshop 2015 5
    February 17 2017

    CREATIVE CITIES | Programme Launch 2017

    The Launch of Arterial Network's African Creative Cities programme in Harare, Pointe-Noire, Victoria Mahé and Nouakchott 2017 In its Mexico City...

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