Dance Umbrella 2013 – Residencies, Commissioned work and collaborations

The 25th season of Dance Umbrella, produced by Dance Forum will be presented at the annual City of Johannesburg International Arts Alive Festival in the first 10 days of September 2013.

As Dance Forum forms part of the consortium who, with Cut to Black, are the producers of Arts Alive from 2012 to 2014, Dance Umbrella will now move its annual season from February/March to September for the three years of the Arts Alive contract.

For the 2013 celebration of the 25th anniversary of Dance Umbrella, Dance Forum invites choreographers to submit proposals for residencies of at least one month’s duration at the Dance Space, Newtown between February and July 2013. 

Dance Forum aims to host a series of at least four residency programmes at the Dance Space that will include the following:

- The creation of a new work by the resident choreographer

- The resident choreographer will have to commit to giving at least two master classes during the period of residency

- The choreographer will have to agree to premiere the work created at the Dance Umbrella 2013, as part of the outcome of the process.

- The work may not exceed 40 minutes.


The residency programme will take place at either the Dance Space in Johannesburg or the Garage Space in Okiep in the Northern Cape. The section in the Northern Cape will have an additional bonus of working in a new space that has been created by Alfred Hinkel (ex JAZZART Artistic Director), who will facilitate the process there. 


Also, Dance Forum would like any choreographer interested in creating a work in residency for Dance Umbrella 2013 to submit a proposal which includes:

- The concept of the work

- The number of people involved in the project

-  A full budget (to include production costs for Dance Umbrella and any fees pertaining to the work)

-  An idea of what the Master classes will focus on.


Dance Forum will have to apply for funding to be able to host this series of workshops, so it is requested that as much information as possible be included in the proposal.

Applications are open until November 22, 2012.

Successful applicants will be notified in January 2013. This will be subject to Dance Forum obtaining the required funding needed to host the residency programme.


For further information and an application form please contact Lindi at 011 492 2030 or Georgina at 011 492 0709.

For information contact 011 492 0709/2033 or e-mail  or visit