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AFRIFESTNET and Festxchange: call for festival practitioners

AFRIFESTNET’s aim is to develop, consolidate and build the independent sustainability of and promote African arts festivals and cultural events as key platforms to nurture, celebrate and project excellent and emerging African artists and creative work, nationally, regionally and internationally. It is launching a programme of support for festival artists and personnel, engaged in the festival industry.

AFRIFESTNET ( seeks  to create a collaborative initiative exchange programme  amongst member festivals where Artistic, technical & managerial skills are exchanged between festivals tagged FESTXCHANGE.


The programme will support either an artist, technical or managerial personnel travelling or engaging in a festival circuit in a region based on set festival calenders.

Interested festivals should send a maximum of 50 words letter of intent with the following information (FESTIVAL NAME, YEAR FOUNDED, DISCIPLINE, REGION, WEBSITE, CONTACT PERSON, EMAIL, PHONE NUMBER) to .

The deadline is 30th September .

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