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  • Bigstock africa map on ethnic backgroun 48084182
    April 26 2016

    25 May: Celebrate the Africa Day

    25 May is designated as Africa Day. It represents an opportunity to celebrate the rich achievements within the arts and culture sector, and the inc...

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  • Papa wemba
    April 26 2016

    Tribute - Thanks Papa

    "I think it will be on stage. I will leave in front of all my fans. ... I have that feeling because sometimes it happens, I am on stage and I feel ...

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  • About peter
    April 18 2016

    Peter Rorvik retires from Arterial Network

    Peter Rorvik will retire as Secretary-General of Arterial Network’s continental secretariat where he has served since 2013.   Announcing his ...

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  • Luaty
    March 30 2016

    Angola : Heavy sentences for rapper and other Human Rights Defenders

    Angolan rapper Luaty Beirão, has been convicted for « crimes of preparatory acts of rebellion and association of criminals and falsifying documents...

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  • Sierra leone
    March 23 2016

    Sierra Leone - Filmmakers arrested, film banned

    On the 8th March 2016, two Sierra Leone filmmakers, Sheku Ngaojia and Alpha Sibbie, were arrested and charged for provoking fear, incitement and et...

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  • Jelili in white attire with 5 other accused persons
    March 10 2016


    The trial of performance artist Jelili Atiku and 5 others charged with criminal offenses in connection with public performance of Jelili’s latest c...

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  • Bilarge
    March 16 2016

    Burundi - Freedom of speech and artists

    The political situation in Burundi does not seem to find any resolution. More than one year after the start of the clashes, the ruling regime conti...

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  • Same love
    March 16 2016

    Kenya against Google for music video

    « A Kenyan song about same sex rights, gay rights, LGBT struggles, gender equalities, and civil liberties for all sexual orientations » say the gro...

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  • Henrike grohs
    March 15 2016

    Tribute : Thanks Henrike Grohs

    Arterial Network is shocked at the death of Henrike Grohs in the shootings that took place on Sunday 13th March 2016 in Grand Bassam, outside Abidj...

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