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Arterial Network Uganda

Arterial Network Uganda was launched on the 5th of November 2010.

The following Arterial Network Uganda members were elected to become National Steering Committee members for 2016 - 2018:

1. Samuel Tebandeke - Chairperson (Writer, dancer, filmmaker)
2. Teddy Nabisenke - Vice Chairperson (Visual artist)
3. Isabella Biira - General Secretary (Screen actress, journalist)
4. Edward Waddimba - Treasurer (Visual artist)
5. Godfrey Musinguzi - Publicity Secretary (Filmmaker)
6. Sam Okello - Committee Member (Cultural entrepreneur / Dancer)
7. Kudduz Isaac - Committee Member (Stage/ screen actor)

Samuel Tebandeke - [email protected]

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Social, Cultural and Political Context - Artwatch Africa Review 2014

The arts are on the rise in Uganda, evidenced by the growth of the Bayimba festival and other activities.

Freedom of association, freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression and of the press are all guaranteed in the constitution but are sometimes restricted or undermined by provisions in the penal code. Nevertheless, civil society in Uganda remains vibrant. Several NGOs address politically sensitive issues.

With penalities of life imprisonment, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill of December 2013 signed into law in 2014 precipitated an increase in attacks on gay people. The Bill was overturned on appeal, but is again under review. Although Articles 2(2) and 21(2) of the constitution prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender and acknowledge the equal rights of women, gender discrimination remains pronounced, particularly in rural areas. Cultural practices such as female genital mutilation persist.