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Zilanie Gondwe Nyundo

Steering Committee Member of Arterial Network Malawi National Chapter

Zilanie Nyundo is a media professional that focused her career on building client-based concepts, PR strategies and creative solutions for over decades. Graduated from Polytechnic, Malawi, where she is living and currently heads the national chapter of Arterial Network. 


Mrs Nyundo is the Creative Director of Blackmore Creatives, an agency that creates local and pan-African opportunities for Malawian creatives to explore and market creative products, proving that Culture is a vector for development. Although a journalist by profession, her aim is to intertwine all vertical cultural stakeholders into providing impetus for African creative industries. 


Zilanie Nyundo also work closely with women creatives. 

In 2010, she co-funded FAME (FAshion Malawi Edition). FAME was the first organization in Malawi that works to market and develop the Malawian fashion Industry through capacity building and professional development training. On the one hand FAME is plateform where the Malawi fashion industry can showcase their work and so, encouraging local talent, and on the other hand, the organisation promote Malawi on the international scene, for instance in organizing a fashion show as a part of the African Movie Academy Awards  (2012) or in hosting the first Fashion Week in Malawi (2013). Zilanie Nyundo is also at the initiative of the Women od Distinction Award (WODA) These awards seek to recognise the major contribution made by women to the economic and social wellbeing of the country.

In parallel, she is the chairperson of “CREAM! Women in the Arts”, an organization of female Malawian artists with the goal to promote the cultural and artistic capacity of Malawian women by uniting female artists from varying fields of the arts. CREAM is also, in collaboration with the German Embassy, at the origin of the “SuperWoman Arts Festival” that is held in Lilongwe. The Festival showcase Women Poets and Writers as well as performances in the fields of Theatre, Music, Dance and Fashion. Passionate about creativity and human interaction, she also co-funded the TEDxLilongwe conference. 

In July 2011, she funded the Malawi Chapter of Arterial Network and then take part of the network as a steering committee member. For the National Chapter, she is committed to dialogue between policy makers and Artists to include the sector as an industry and community in building dynamic policies for the sector and their inclusion in implementation strategies. 



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