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Valmont Layne
Member from South Africa

Valmont Layne- South Africa

Valmont Layne is a musician, curator, activist and arts administrator from Cape Town South Africa. He completed a Masters Degree (MA) in Music History at the University of Cape Town focusing on jazz, social dance and vernacular music in the Western Cape. He spent ten years at the District Six Museum in Cape Town where he established the Audio-visual Research Archives and its collections of music and oral histories from the Cape – focussing on the music and culture of District Six and the inner city. He has curated and performed with a number of projects relating to the music and cultural life of District Six before becoming Director of the Museum in 2005. Valmont participated in a range of international museum, heritage and human rights Programmes such as the Swedish African Museum Programme and the International Coalition of Historic Site Museums of Conscience. Until recently he was part of the team at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival  - one of South Africa's premier multidisciplinary arts festivals. More recently he has worked as a freelancer and is currently the Secretary General of Arterial Network South Africa coordinating a range of projects covering cultural policy advocacy, research, and monitoring freedom of creative expression.

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