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Nirveda Alleck

Arterial Network Chairperson Mauritius

Nirdeva Alleck born in Mauritius in 1975, is a multidisciplinary visual artist. She received her BFA at the University of Cape Town in 1997 and her master's degree at Glasgow School of Art. 

Her hard work today earned her an international reputation. Since the late 90s, Nirveda Alleck navigates between Mauritius - where she still lives - and an international oriented career. Indeed, she exhibited in New York, at the Omi International Art Centre, Cairo, Townhouse Gallery, through the "OFF" or in Paris Photos for Johannesburg Art Fair. She also participated in 2010 and 2012 at the Biennale Dak'Art (Senegal) where she honored the Mauritian art by being named winner of the first edition of the prize "Soleil d'Afrique" in Mali and is also the winner of "Emma Awards" (Culture category) in 2012. 


Alleck’s work is a combination of factors: personal history, a broader view of the space we occupy in the world and the psychological and sometimes romantic notions of “existence and space-time”. Taking as its starting point a moment of life "feeling", she tries to restore some inner feelings in real situations, where the intimate and what is public are combined into a single unit. 

On the other hand, her work aspires to familiarize the public with the most idiosyncratic readings of African video art and themes, often overlooked, it deals with. Most of her works are concerned with issues of identity, otherness and tolerance, as well as social ties these artists maintain with places and the sense of belonging in a world increasingly connected. 


In June 2012, during the official launch of Arterial Network Mauritian Chapter, Nirveda Alleck was elected President of the Mauritian chapter.


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