September 21 2015

Stand up to Right to Life and Say NO to extremism and injustice.

No Freedom, No Expression!


Arterial Network and its Artwatch Africa project will bring together committed artists for the launch of its Artwatch Africa Ambassadors project.   


Arterial Network is a dynamic, pan-African civil society network comprising artists, activists, organisations and institutions engaged in the African creative sector. 


Artwatch Africa

Set up in 2013, the Artwatch Africa Project has as main objective to promote and protect artists' rights and freedom of expression in Africa.  During the year 2014, Arterial Network trained over 300 artists and cultural activists on artists' rights through its Artwatch Africa project. These 3 days of training served as an opportunity for various actors of the artistic and cultural sector to debate on issues relating to Human Rights but more importantly to discuss the stakes and challenges which artists must address when practising their profession.


12 musicians are coming together to workshop issues pertaining to artistic rights and freedom of expression. Didier Awadi (Senegal), Ade Bantu (Nigeria), Zeynab Abib (Benin), Soum Bill (Cote d'Ivoire), artists of the Balai Citoyen led by Smockey from Burkina Faso, Alif Naaba (Burkina Faso), Josey Priscille (Cote d'Ivoire), Phéno Bi (Niger), Master Soumi (Mali), Sissao (Burkina Faso) and Mareshal Zongo (Ivory Coast) will be collaborating for the first time to outline common aims and strategies when championing freedom of artistic and creative expression on the continent.

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