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Call for applications | Artwatch Africa Response - Training Workshops

Following the lessons learned during its 3-day workshops covering “Human Rights, Cultural Rights and Artist Rights,” Arterial Network, through its Artwatch Africa project and in partnership with the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA), will launch a new phase of training workshops to be known as “Artwatch Africa Response.”

Arterial Network is calling for law firms and individual lawyers to apply for this training that will look specifically at Freedom of Creative Expression litigation and Cultural Rights cases.

Purpose of the training 

The training will be conducted by IHRDA and aims to create a pool of lawyers for the defense of Artist Rights within the continent, especially litigations regarding Freedom of Creative Expression.

The training will be held in French and English, and according to the national and regional system in place. Each participant is invited to submit litigated cases (resolved and unresolved) related to Freedom of Creative and Artistic Expression, in order to improve legal and judicial defense and protection.

Participants must fall under the following prerequisites:

  • be registered at their national Bar in one of the following countries : Mauritania, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania
  • have some experience in freedom of expression litigation cases and/ or in defense of Human Rights Defenders
  • have knowledge of the arts and cultural sector
  • be committed to the defense of artists at risk and work for some public interest cases

Submit your application (CV and motivation letter) by email to, with Artwatch Africa Response as the email subject, before:

- Sunday 28 May 2017 for Mauritania
- Sunday 4th June 2017 for Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania and Egypt  

For more information, please contact Diana Ramarohetra:

Arterial Network

Arterial Network is a member-based, civil society non-profit network of artists, cultural activists, NGOs, organisations, enterprises and entrepreneurs engaged in the building and strengthening of networks and structures in the creative and cultural sectors of Africa. The organisation seeks to identify solutions and strategies within Africa to improve the growth and the impact of the cultural sector, to foster dialogue, information exchange and strengthening partnership between creative communities, private sectors, public authorities, CSOs in order to contribute to democracy and Human Rights in Africa.

Artwatch Africa
Arterial Network’s Artwatch Africa programme aims to assert, promote and defend artist rights and freedom of creative expression for artists and cultural practitioners in Africa, to monitor cases of violations and advocate all stakeholders on issues and threat faced by artists. The programme is supported by Swedish Foundation for Human Rights, Swedish Institute, Mimeta and Doen Foundation.

The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA)
IHRDA is a pan-African non-governmental organisation established in Banjul, The Gambia in 1998. It promotes knowledge of human rights and aims to improve respect for human rights in Africa. The institute envisions an African continent where all have access to justice using national, African and international human rights protection mechanisms.

IHRDA Fields of Activity
IHRDA’s work can be summarised in three words: defend, educate and inform. IHRDA offers pro bono legal assistance to victims of human rights violations. The institute also organises training workshops and disseminates information in order to improve knowledge of the African human rights system.