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  • Yero gaynaako video
    September 21 2016

    The Latest Statement from rapper, Yëro Gaynääko

    “One month later and nothing has been done. On August 16, 2016, I suffered a humiliating and brutal assault by members of the gendarmerie. With ...

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  • How free is free front cover (229x152) final copie
    August 24 2016

    How Free is Free? Reflections on Freedom of Creative Expression in Africa

    Twenty-five Authors, Fourteen Countries in One Original Compilation Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that: “Everyone has the...

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  • August 17 2016

    Meet the writers - Artwatch Africa eBook

    Albie Sachs ( South Africa) - Free spirits and ravaged souls  Albie Sachs’ career in human rights activism started at age seventeen, when as...

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  • 20160614 140315
    July 28 2016

    Ethiopia | Arterial Network at the African Union’s STC-YCS2 June 2016

    From the 13th to the 17th of June 2016, the African Union’s 2nd Ordinary Session of the Specialised Technical Committee on Youth, Culture and Sport...

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  • July 28 2016

    MAGHREB | Satire and Irony Treated as Criminal Offenses

    In recent months, there have been two cases of infringements on the freedom of artistic expression in the Maghreb that demonstrate the fragile situ...

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  • July 28 2016

    Democratic Republic of Congo | Koffi Olomide Investigated for 'intentional injury'

    On Tuesday the 26th of July, a provisional warrant was issued for the arrest of singer Koffi Olomide after being interviewed by a prosecutor in Kin...

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