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Artwatch Africa aims to assert, promote and defend artist rights and freedom of creative expression for artists and cultural practitioners in Africa. Artwatch Africa is premised on the understanding that freedom of expression is an essential condition for creative practice in the arts, and that to promote freedom of expression is to advance democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms on the continent. Within a broad definition of artist rights Artwatch Africa also addresses equitable access to resources and opportunity, provision of infrastructure, legal support mechanisms, copyright and intellectual property, cultural diversity, and culture in formal and informal education systems. AIMS 1. To empower artists and cultural practitioners. 2. To influence government thinking and society perceptions around artist rights, firstly as an extrapolation of human rights and in terms of relevant conventions, and secondly, for the establishing of an enabling environment for democratic arts practice in Africa. Artwatch Africa is active across the continent working through its four programme areas of training, advocacy, research in partnership with Arterial Network members and local organisations.   Through workshops, seminars, public activities, stakeholder engagements, media presence and the establishment of monitoring and information dissemination systems, Artwatch ...

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    Artwatch Africa Review 2014

    Artwatch Africa Review 2014   Culture is both an enabler and driver of development in ways not fully appreciated by governments or society. Culture, however, is not neutral. Culture embodi...

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    How free is free front cover (229x152) final copie
    August 24 2016

    How Free is Free? Reflections on Freedom of Creative Expression in Africa

    Twenty-five Authors, Fourteen Countries in One Original Compilation Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights states that: “Everyone has the...

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  • Training

    February 02 2016

    Swaziland : Artist Rights and Action Plan for implementation

    Artists, civil society organizations and media between 14 and 16 December, 2015 met at Esibayeni Lodge in Swaziland, for a training on Human Rights...

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Stand up to Right to Life and Say NO to extremism and injustice.

No Freedom, No Expression!   Arterial Network and its Artwatch Africa project will bring together committed artists for the launch of its Art...

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