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September 19 2016

Summer School for the Arts in Benin

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The first edition of the Summer School for the Arts Benin took place at the Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA) in Porto Novo from the 5th to the 10th of September 2016, presented by Partenari’arts & Culture Benin, Arterial Network and IKAM (Institut Korê des Arts Métiers).

The week long training seminar covered three different modules, namely cultural entrepreneurship and project management, fundraising, and empirical discourse on culture. The summer school programme was devised as a means to deepen knowledge on cultural policies, as well as the issues and mechanisms of governance and methodology for cultural enterprises in Africa. Representing Arterial Network were Jean-Luc Gbati Sonhaye, Arterial Network Togo, and Marie Sachet, Arterial Network’s Project Manager for Capacity Building and Market Access.

When interviewed by Agence DEKart, Marie Sachet said of the training:

“Despite the size of the group, everyone was, nevertheless, very focused, very studious and very determined. It was very nice to know that people were really listening. You can tell that they have a thirst for knowledge. They have not taken the training lightly; they asked good questions. You can feel the passion for what they do despite the difficulties they face which is really encouraging and this proves that they need training of this kind. It is an honour to have a group like that. It really was a very motivated group."

To read more from the interview, click here.

Photo Credit: Partenari'arts & Culture Bénin

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