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January 30 2018

2018/2019 Steering Committee's First Meeting in Segou

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The first meeting of the 2017/2019 Steering Committee was held from 30 January to 1 February 2018 in Segou, Mali, on the sidelines of the "Festival sur le Niger" (held from 1to 4 February 2018).

During the deliberations, members of the Committee were encouraged by Chairperson Daves Guzha to take turns in articulating their expectations and the concerns of their members. This participatory approach helped to highlight a number of key points such as the need to match the representativeness of English speaking countries with those of French speaking countries within the Network and the SC in order to ensure that the realities and challenges of both parties (Anglophones and Francophones) are fully captured. Also, there is the need to involve grassroot members of the Network in the day-to-day life of the Network.

At the end of the deliberations on day three, SC members unanimously designated Jean-Luc Gbati Sonhaye as Treasurer.  The latter accepted to take up this new challenge with much enthusiasm and committed to work with consistency and methodically in order to deliver satisfactory results. Discussions also culminated in the distribution of various portfolios to respective SC members. During the on-going mandate, portfolios will be distributed as follows:

The gathering in Segou was mainly focused on the drafting and adoption of the 2017/2019 Triennial Strategic Plan and Budget in which SC members took active part.

The last key point is the fact that the Segou meeting was an opportunity for SC members to familiarise themselves with one another and to weave strong ties between them which could potentially result in future collaboration and communication during their tenure.

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