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March 07 2018

Arterial Networks celebrates 11th anniversary

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PRESS RELEASE : Arterial Day 2018| A creative collaboration model for the prosperity and sustainability of the African cultural sector


Covering the five regions of Africa, Arterial Network celebrates its eleven years of existence on March 7,2018. A day dedicated "Arterial Day" honouring inclusiveness and creative collaboration as the driving force behind its successful actions for the African creative sector.


The inclusivity marked by "Arterial Connexion" which is a way of getting closer to the members and reviving the ideals of the pan-African organization for a network concerned about the quality of its services.


Creative collaboration is the strength of Arterial Network. Today, the sum of the proximity activities carried out by the affiliates aims to mobilize and promote the interest of members in the sustainable development of the African creative sector. This collaboration succeeds in improving civil society represented by Arterial Network, strengthening socio-cultural dialogue, centralizing culture in public policies, developing skills and know-how, creating added value in the economy and improving living conditions.


By consolidating this model, the message today is clear:"Africa's creative sector needs to combine efforts to consolidate real positive change and give the cultural and creative industries their letters of nobility and their rightful place in the global economy," said DAVES GUZHA, President of Arterial Network, on the occasion of this celebration.


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